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About the Firm

Welcome to SILESIA TRANS Ltd. website.

This firm was established on 22 April 1998 when it was officially registered. Our primary goal was to offer services in the area of international forwarding. Since 1999 the firm has been offering services in the area of both national and international truck forwarding and transportation.

As the name of the firm reveals, its seat is located in the area of Silesian Euroregion. Although most of our clients come from this region, we operate far beyond it. Gradually, our main concern has become transportation to Italy and back developing into pick-up service typically involving the route Poland - Czech Republic - Austria - Slovenia - Italy.

Initially, our services were provided by Avia vehicles, which were later replaced by DAF and IVECO. Today the company conducts 7 vehicles of different types to be able to meet the needs of our clients. All our vehicles are covered by insurance including cargo and we continually monitor all the orders at operation in order to secure maximal safety of cargo and meeting delivery terms.

We offer:

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